Shows & Exhibitions

Shows & Exhibitions


'International Jewellery London' - London Olimpia, 6th-9th September 2015

'Slow Fashion Show' - Warsaw  Poland, 3th-4th October 2015

'Dulwich Craft & Design Fair', 28th November 2015, St Barnabas Village Halle, Dulwich Village SE 21 7BP

Exhibition at 'Sara Preisler Gallery', Birmingham , 1st January-30thth March 2016

Art and Design Fair 'Made London Bloomsbury' ,  29th April-1st May 2016

Antique & Art Fair Romsey, 15th May 2016, King Johns House off Church Street 

'Days of gold' Exhibition at ' Sara Preisler Gallery' Birmingham, 10th September-10th November 2016

'Salisbury Contemporary Craft and Heritage Festival' , 8th-10th September 2016

Art & Design Fair 'Made Brighton', 22nd-25th September 2016

Design & Craft Fair 'Made London Marlebone',  20th-23th October 2016

'Gifted' Art and Disign Fair' - Sleaford, Lincolnshire, 3th-4th December 2016

'Dulwich Craft & Design Fair', 10th December 2016 

Design & Craft Fair 'Made London Bloomsbury', 20th-21st May 2017

Design & Craft Fair 'Made Brighton', 24th November 2017

'Made in Colchester' - Colchester Art Centre, 2nd December 2017

'Dulwich Craft & Design Fair', 9th December 2017

'The Essex Exhibition of Art' - Harwich, 21st June - 1st July 2018 

'Artists Open Stusios' - Space Studios Colchester, 8th July 2018

'Marks Tey Summer Fete', 18th August  2018

'Colchester Bazzar' The Firstside, Colchester, 24th November 2018

'Made London Marlebone' , 30th November - 1st December 2018

The Essex Craft & Design Show', 7th-9th  December 2018